Your park staff's best friends

Would you cut steak with a plastic knife? Neither would we.

Building a nice terrain park is one thing but maintaining it is a different story. That is why we offer specialized snowtools that can make your job more enjoyable. The versatility of these tools lets you accomplish your job more efficiently and faster than ever before.


The powder coated aluminum makes for a tough finish that does not allow the snow to stick to the blade, making it lighter and more enjoyable to use.

Rugged aluminum construction, laser-cut teeth and perfect blade angles make these tools your park staff's best friends!

Swinger snowtool


From maintaining lift stations to working on pipe transitions, the Swinger is the ideal snow tool for all jobs, whether small or medium sized. Its light-weight and sharp teeth allow you to easily cut through hard snow and ice.

Scoop snowtool


Digging out features after a big dump of snow? No problem! The large scoop has a larger blade that allows you to move great quantities of snow around. Ideal for heftier tasks.

Vert Shovel snowtool

Vert Shovel

This razor-sharp stainless steel blade will make the sides of your jumps look like Lego Blocks! Ideal for shaping hips, berms, and anything that needs a precise clean cut.